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What We Do

At Lee Jenkins Stewardship there is one simple statement that encapsulate why our clients say they love working with us: We have business minds and ministry hearts. That means we understand the intricacies of the business and ministry side of managing the church. Here are the three primary ways we serve our clients:

Church Consulting
  • Financial Management: We help churches increase revenues, cut expenses, improve profitability, manage cash flow, develop strategy, and organize their financial processes and procedures.
  • Fundraising Strategies: We help churches create a healthy culture of generosity and raise the necessary funds to accomplish their God-given vision.
  • Real Estate Acquisitions: We help churches buy, sell, and lease facilities in a smart and profitable way.
  • Real Estate Financing: We provide financing solutions for refinancing, acquisitions, construction, renovations or capital improvements.
  • Strategic Planning: We help church leaders define their vision for the future and implement a comprehensive financial and organizational plan to get there.
Stewardship Talks
Preaching & Teaching: Hundreds of churches from small to mega have benefited from Lee’s engaging, biblical, practical, and humorous way of preaching and teaching on financial stewardship.
• Seminars & Workshops: Lee’s seminars are not just about information, but application. He delves into the “How to’s” on subjects like: building wealth, spending, romance and finance, debt, credit, investing, entrepreneurship, and much more!
• Keynote Addresses: Lee’s power-packed presentations are appropriate for both faith-based and non-faith based audiences. He has addressed numerous Fortune 500 companies, non profit organizations, professional sports teams, and colleges and universities.
Financial Education

Financial Curriculums Coming in 2023!

Stewardship U: For Churches
Stewardship U: For Adults
Stewardship U: For Couples
Stewardship U: For Children
Stewardship U: For Teens